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We believe that if you care about positive change, and you’re doing something about it, you are an activist.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to hundreds of protests or if you’re just starting out on your activist journey. As long as you’re passionate about changing the world for the better, there will be something useful for you in here!

Our mission is to gather content from the greatest minds in activism and self-empowerment, to bring you the best information and resources for your activism in one place. We cover legal guidance, effectively delivering your message, strengthening your spirit, walking your and so much more. All you need to do is put it into action!

We don’t ask you to believe anything on this website. We are here to share information that we believe will be empowering to you. You then need to be diligent and discover what resonates with you and research it further. We are not experts, just information gatherers also on an awakening journey, sharing info on topics we are passionate about. We cannot guarantee that any of the information you will discover here is 100% correct but we try our best to provide the highest quality content.

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Successful activism

So, you’re an activist. You’re a very beautiful being with eyes wide open who wants to wake up the world, make a difference and right some wrongs!

We guess you’ll also want to make sure the energy you put into your activism is used as effectively as possible?

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Be prepared and understand why Activism is even needed.


Know your rights, discover how to best deal with the Police & understand the legal system.


How can you be sure to carry out your activism securely and anonymously?


“Activism without Spirituality is just an angry mob” The real revolution is self-empowerment and the evolution of consciousness

This isn’t about religion. This isn’t woo woo! What we are gathering tools to empower you! This is about reconnecting to your true self and tapping into your limitless potential. Honing your abilities and discovering what a powerful being you are. It’s the art of being in your power, connecting with stillness, deprogramming you from the beliefs that keep you small.

The ultimate form of activism and rebellion is empowering oneself.  Click here to dive deep into the Spiritual Toolbox.


To truly inspire others and bring about real change, we as Activists must walk our talk.

Learn about being a conscious consumer, which companies are ethical and which ones aren’t. Your money is your voting slip for what you want to see in the world.

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Ways to be self sufficient and less reliant on the system.


Letter templates, flyer templates and other resources we think you’ll find useful


Essential health knowledge and information that the mainstream won’t tell you about