In here, we dive into information around health & wellbeing that is empowering and yet isn’t generally common knowledge in the mainstream

In the activist world, we are exposed to a vast amount of information about what is going on in this crazy world. Many of us will be very used to being a walking plethora of knowledge that we can dispense to others in order to help them awaken or be more empowered.

One of the core issues we face as humanity is the bombardment of toxins. On top of this, we also have intense censorship and corruption to the very core of the health industry.

So here we will be sharing information around health and wellbeing that we feel is essential to know for us all.

Dave’s top 4 simple ways to gain and maintain perfect health

Having perfect health was never supposed to be complicated, it really can be simple. Getting back to basics and straight to the point; Allegedly Dave talks us through his 4 core simple areas of focus for being a healthy human and remaining a healthy human…
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The most powerful products and techniques for detoxing your body

A list of some of the most effective products and techniques for detoxing your body and restoring your health.
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Healing With Iridology

Iridology is a naturopathic technique used to examine and analyse the coloured part of the eye, the iris, to determine what’s going on inside of us for the prevention of illness and to further attain optimum health.
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How To Heal from Covid Vaccine Spike Protein Damage, Nano Tech & More

A huge number of different protocols, herbal medicines, general tips, articles and suggestions for dealing with spike proteins, nano tech and other vaccine issues.
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