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Activists Toolbox is an online platform, providing you with all of the tools you need to effectively follow your soul’s mission of raising the world’s vibration, through every action and intention.

Do you feel passion running through your veins; dreaming of the ways you’d like to make the world a better place, but a little stuck with how you can create waves of positive change? Well, we’re confident we can help you out.

We’re here to support you as you accept and embrace the activist label.

Our website offers a plethora of information around topics that will help you channel your energy more effectively. We’re here to inspire innovative ideas, encourage you to lead by example, and shine a light on companies and organisations that deserve your support or need to be exposed for unethical activities.

Activists Toolbox allows you to be a part of something bigger. As our site expands, we will soon incorporate powerful community functionality where we will invite you to join other empowered individuals, and connect with conscious souls around the world, walking a similar path of compassion and growth.

We believe in learning together, supporting each other, and, most importantly, uniting as one incredibly powerful team, ready to take action in the best interest of our planet.

Welcome to the movement.


“This is when my journey began as a full-on activist, going to protests sporting my V mask, relentlessly sharing on social media and hosting film nights to share information with friends. It was at this point I began to notice how many activists were so passionate about their cause, that they ended up coming across as aggressive towards others who did not share their views or see what they see.

I recognised this in myself too… As a passionate and frustrated activist, desperately trying to open people’s eyes to the injustices in the world but receiving painful opposition from those who just weren’t ready to see. I realised that when this passion is channelled into aggression, it reinforces the aggressive stereotype around activism and inevitably turns people off from ever listening to messages from an activist again.”

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Jamie & Ananda



Founder / Director & Designer
Passionate visionary, Rebellious pixie, Lightworker, Cosmic Channel, Graphic designer and Compassionate vegan.


Content creator / Video director
Spiritual teacher, Public speaker, Film maker, Artist and Someone you could listen to for hours on end.


Spiritual content / Counselling
Inner activist, embodiment coach, spiritual guide, qualified therapist and earth lover.



Scientific content creator
Award-winning Ph.D Scientist with 6+ years experience in biochemical and biophysical experimental techniques as well as data analysis, statistics and mathematical modelling… Clever dude!


Health activist
Herbalism, alternative therapies and holistic healthcare.
Let me help you find your happy.


Content creator
Writer, Jewellry maker, Spiritual warrior, Crystal lover and a massive travel junkie!


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