We live in critical times. Activists are the most important people on this planet, it’s time to step up.

It may seem sad to face it, but deep down we all have a wounded child inside of us, dealing with unhealed traumas and hurt from the experiences we have faced over the years.

Some of us are affected more than others, some of us have dedicated many years to facing their shadows and doing the healing, some still don’t recognise that their wounded child even exists and continue to act out.

Either way, it’s time to step up now. It’s time to rise above the pettiness, the fear, the shame and the insecurities. The time to realise how powerful we are and unite as one is now. Too often we see Activists using activism as an avenue to vent anger or belittle others in order to feel elevated. This may feel good in the moment but it’s just a way of compensating for lack of self-love. An empowered being doesn’t act out, they remain calm, they remain strong and they are unshakeable.

We’re not saying that we all have to suddenly have to reach full empowerment, but here are some tools that help us along the way.

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