Why are we so dedicated to bringing about change?

For many, the journey of entering into activism started by realising something just isn’t right… But how far does this go? What else are we up against?

If the world was perfect, we wouldn’t need activism… So, what are we up against that means we have to step up and take action?

In this section, we will be going deep down the rabbit hole… We don’t expect anyone to believe the information presented here, we are also not stating that any of this is absolute truth… But we encourage you to understand that true intelligence is knowing that we do not know everything and consider everything here a possibility.

The more you dig in here, the more the pieces of the puzzle will begin to fall into place and things will begin to make sense.

It’s still early days, but content will keep being added.

The New World Order

Who is really in control of the world and what are their agendas? What on earth is happening with this planet? Why is there so much negativity? Why is there so much violence? Why is there so much war? Why is there so much poverty? Why is there so much paranoia and fear? This documentary compiled by John Nada sheds some light on those questions.
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The top 6 methods of manipulation used by the media

⁣We are subjected to relentless brainwashing and manipulation by the media, but what are the influence tactics that are being used? Read on...
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