How to heal from Covid Vaccine damage:
Spike proteins, Nano tech & more

It would appear that one of the most pressing health issues collectively at the moment is the Covid-19 vaccination causing a plethora of health problems in not only those having taken the vaccine, but also those who’ve not taken the vaccine (and have been surrounded by people who’ve had the jab). So we must be informed and prepared if we want to remain healthy during these times.

There are a huge number of different protocols, herbal medicines, general tips, articles and suggestions out there for how to deal with the spike proteins, nano tech and other vaccine related issues. We don’t know which ones work or which ones are the most effective, but we’ve compiled many of them into one place so you can run through them and see which ones resonate with you and which ones you wish to try or research further. We offer no medical advice; we are just sharing some resources that we have seen being shared around – It’s up to you to decipher what you wish to take on board.

Aside from the vaccinated, it seems that even un-jabbed people who’ve been around the jabbed, are being affected by the shot too. There have been thousands of incidences where females have been having abnormal periods including blood clots, missed or prolonged periods etc. Which doesn’t come as a surprise since there have been many reports of miscarriages due to the shot and it’s clear that this jab is affecting fertility. Since men don’t have periods or anything to indicate their fertility, we have no idea how these injections are affecting fertility in men. These are only a couple of problems at the tip of the iceberg and don’t even include reactions of those who have been jabbed.

This jab is experimental, so new information is coming out every day and no one has all the answers. Use this as a starting point to dig deeper.

Alongside this list of helpful remedies you can take, there will be links to more information so you can research further into each one to help find what works best for you. It’s also important to note that different things work differently on different people, and there is often no one size fits all, but the more options there are, the more likely something will work for you.

If you want to look further into vaccine side effects go to or
These are only short-term effects. We have no idea how this is going to pan out long term.

Please, read on…

How To Heal from Covid Vaccine Spike Protein Damage, Nano Tech & More


There are mixed points of view regarding ‘shedding’. Some say that it’s not actually shedding but it’s radiation and that those who are jabbed are more radioactive and that effects those who they come in contact with (people have tested how much radiation those with covid vaccines emit compared to without and those who’ve had the jab tend to have significantly higher reading than those without. Here is just one example). It seems that those who’ve been vaccinated are like antennas once having the shot and are thought to attract far more radiation. Therefore, it’s important to protect from radiation as much as possible.

Others say that it’s to do with the contents of the jab spreading to others through pores and sweat which spreads into those without the jab. Or the spike proteins are now being manufactured by people who’ve taken the jab and are transmitting to others and affecting them in that way.

Regardless of how this phenomenon is occurring, it seems to be very real. We mustn’t be scared. Too much fear will manifest in the physical leading to dis-ease too. But we must look after ourselves and our immune system, and be prepared.

Information can be difficult to come across regarding how to heal from the jab, since search results first come up with websites telling you that the jab doesn’t cause any damage. So, keep reading for more information about preventing, and treating damage caused by these jabs. We advise against using google due to censorship (you can use duckduckgo, yandex, ecosia, startpage etc.) and scroll past the first few pages when you do further research.


Some people may have not been given the real jab
Despite the jab causing huge numbers of awful reactions in many individuals, it is possible that those who had no reactions didn’t even get the actual contents of the truly harmful jab. New information has been coming out to show that some people may have been injected with saline rather than the actual gene altering shot. This has been predicted by many as this has all been an experiment from the start. It’s likely that double blind phase 4 trials are being conducted amongst those who have been jabbed without anyone having any knowledge of it. Here are only a few examples of this but more can be found.

In many senses this is lucky for those who got spared of the actual contents of the shot. It is also important to try to determine whether you or your family have had the genuine shot or just the placebo as this can make a difference in how to approach healing. It’s best to proceed to use these remedies whether you/whoever you’re treating, suspect that you’ve had a placebo or not, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

One way you can test is by using a magnet on the location of the jab. Thousands of videos have swarmed the internet of people becoming magnetic after receiving the jab.

Spike proteins

Spike protein in the jab has been a major culprit in causing adverse events when it comes to this shot. So, what is a spike protein?

Spike protein: “a glycoprotein that protrudes from the envelope of some viruses” Merriam-Webster “Like a key in a lock, these spike proteins fuse to receptors on the surface of cells, allowing the virus’s genetic code to invade the host cell, take over its machinery and replicate.” Bruce Lieberman

Here is some information about spike protein:

(this talks about spike protein but also talks about how non jabbed people are affected by the jabbed)

So, what can we do about this spike protein?

Spike proteins are created as a result of this vaccine and spread throughout the body causing further issues such as blood clots etc.

Here are some protocols which claim to help with spike protein issues:

More info on spike protein and more treatments in the article below:

Here are some remedies for ‘covid’ symptoms:

Shikimic acid
Shikimic acid, also known as suramin, is cancer fighting, antiviral, antimicrobial, anticoagulant and has antithrombotic properties, which makes it great at neutralising spike protein. More about shikimic acid:

Here is more info on suramin:

Foods which contain shikimic acid:

Here is an overview of some foods containing shikimic acid if you would like more info:

Other foods and natural medicines which prevent spike protein from causing as much damage as well as natural ingredients which boost immune system function

(Here are a couple of websites I have used and would recommend which sell many wholefoods, some of which are included in this list)

  • Hesperedin – Hesperidin is a chalcone like quercetin, which deactivates spike protein.

It is found in citrus fruits especially blood oranges (which have a higher hesperidin content). It is also found in peppermint.

-Here is some information more about hesperidin and other compounds which prevent the spike protein from binding to certain receptors.

The plants mentioned in the link above which also prevent spike protein from binding to those receptors are:
–      Liquorice root
–      Citrus peel
–      Hydroalcoholic pomegranate peel extract
–      Dandelion leaf extract


It’s important to make sure that all precautions are taken to protect against 5g and any other excess radiation, as it appears this is going to have a major impact on our health. Especially for anyone who’s had the jab.

Here is some information on how 5g/radiation negatively impacts us:

Some things you can do about this are:

  • Not sleeping next to the Wi-Fi router and/or turning it off at night
  • Not using a smart meter. If using a smart meter, make sure it is covered and away from any bedrooms and living space
  • Wearing jewellery made of EMF protecting crystals (or just keeping these crystals on you and in your living space- and even more importantly around smart meters or similar devices) such as shungite, black tourmaline, and hematite
  • Orgonite pyramids placed around your home especially near any emf radiation. Make sure you buy from reputable sellers who use properly ethically sourced materials and make the orgone lovingly from scratch themselves in good conditions
  • Himalayan salt lamps are great at protecting against emf. If you can, get one for every room in the house.
  • Here are some products which protect your body from the harmful effects of radiation and 5g
  • Here is some further information if you are interested, including some more ways to heal from this:
  • Here are some more ways to protect from radio frequencies and Nano tech:


We must remember that everything which manifests in the physical, is existing also on an energetic level, therefore it is crucial to be protecting our energy and doing things which keep us in tune with the earth and anchored in a frequency of overall love.

Here are some simple things we mustn’t be forgetting:

  • Meditation and/or keeping a strong connection to source/your higher power/God
  • Earthing– walking barefoot on the earth e.g. grass, mud, stones, sand etc. (walking on any surface outside with no shoes connects us to the frequency of the earth and allows for us to absorb extra electrolytes from the earth’s surface which is highly beneficial to our health)

  • Staying connected with likeminded people and loved ones can keep our spirits up and keep us in loving states.
  • Cuddling with those we love also releases endorphins. Mindful/tantric sex and love making also brings creative energy into the world which is incredibly powerful.
  • Exercise and movement. Even walks and not staying seated for long periods of time make a difference
  • Stretching or yoga.
  • Sun gazing and sun bathing. (This is also important as vitamin d plays an important role in healing and supplementing it directly from the sun is one of the best ways to do this. Even sunbeds are better than nothing.)
  • Cold showers and baths/swimming in cold water are also great for your immune system
  • Saunas make us sweat and sweating gets rid of pollutants and toxins in your body
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep
  • WATER. It is vital that you are drinking enough good quality water and not drinking tap water. Make sure your water is filtered with a good filter. If we are getting more toxins from taking this jab or being around people who’ve taken it we must do everything we can to eliminate excess toxins which can come in tap water or even the food we eat.
  • Eat organic as much as you can and eat from local farms. We must steer away from more toxins coming into our body as much as possible.


A major issue with this vaccine is the Nano particles and heavy metals. A reason this causes problems is largely due to the Nano particles being able to self-assemble into longer fibres or “Morgellons”. As well as this, the particles are so small that getting all of them out is virtually impossible but here are some helpful detoxes/remedies which can help to reverse the effects of nanotechnology and detox the body as much as possible:

Detoxing from Nano tech
(These are especially important if you’ve had the vaccine and had the tests but this is extremely beneficial for everyone as we’ve all been exposed to nano tech from various sources):

  • Ingredients which help to detox from Nano tech (some which are mentioned in links above)


High Iodine doses >50mg. And preferably from different kinds of seaweed e.g. sea moss, spirulina, chlorella

Activated charcoal

– Epsom salts

– Apple cider vinegar (of the mother)

– Here are some herbs which are good for parasites and may help with Morgellons


Recently Spanish researchers have found that there is graphene oxide in the covid vaccine which is highly toxic. Here is information about graphene oxide and what helps in regards to healing from it:

  • Here is some information about graphene in the covid jab:





We sincerely hope the information laid out here is useful for you!


Please understand we are just sharing information which we have gathered into one place to be used as a resource. We are not medical experts and we are not providing medical advice or claiming any of this is safe or effective. It is down to you to decipher what of the above information is useful and beneficial for you by conducting your own research.

Please help us out and give this article a share. We would like to this important information reach as many people as possible so we can all be prepared. Thank you.


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