A list of some of the most effective products and techniques for detoxing your body

The following information is for interest only and should not be considered health advice. Learn how to do self kinesiology and you can test these products on yourself. Always do your own research on the products mentioned and always consult a natural health professional before starting any health protocol.

Watch the pennies and the pounds shall watch themselves…

Why Detox?

Imagine putting an egg in an oven and roasting it slowly on 104 F over 2, 3 or maybe even 4 decades can you imagine how toxic that would be to our bodies? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is likely to be what has happened in your own body.

I once read an investigation about the eliminated contents of a high colonic (Colon cleanse) of a 40year old man. Unbelievably there were traces of his mother’s breast milk in him. Imagine the bad bacteria, moulds even parasites that would love the chance to live in this type of environment. This waste can drip feed into our bloodstream and wastes our immune system’s ability to deal with the nasties.

Our body thankfully is very good at throwing a protective layer over this waste. This helps to stop the waste leaching into our bloodstream. It does unfortunately present its own issues. This protective layer which is called biofilm means the waste can get glued to our internal walls eventually though the waste will start to penetrate this and will end up where it should not be. 

This, unfortunately is just the beginning of the problem. 
Hence the need for intestinal detox. 

The most powerful products and techniques for detoxing your body

The next thing that needs to be addressed is cellular detox.

If you imagine looking down on some frogspawn. Imagine these are the different types of cells found in our bodies. Be it blood cells, muscle cells, ligament cells, etc… There will be waste in unhealthy cells there might be heavy metals, lactic acid and all manner of other waste between the cells. This blocks them from transmitting and receiving information. It also weakens the cell walls and hinders production of energy/transport of nutrients or whatever these particular cells are programmed to achieve. The body is a wonderful thing, but in today’s toxic world it does need a lot of help.

To have a fully functioning immune system, we need to rid ourselves of this trapped waste from the cells and intestines.

Our immune system is waste-d (see what I did there?) on fighting the waste that the body, through poor eating habits has accumulated. Or in other words our immune system has plenty to do even without having its energy and focus dispersed. So instead of fighting invading pathogens, it’s too busy dealing with the accumulated rubbish…

Let’s get that sh*t out…

Products for intestinal detox.

Bentonite clay
Activated charcoal
Diatomaceous earth.

These are all what I call sponges. They will suck waste towards them and will help transit them from our system. Diatomaceous earth is also a gentle abrasive. This means it will rub and weaken the biofilm, a little bit like sandpaper.

Always start very slowly with any natural health product. Start on very low doses and then build up slowly. I can’t stress this enough as the Herxheimer reaction can be horrible really horrible and should be avoided at all costs. This is where too much rubbish / waste is liberated in one go. It can then overwhelm the excretory systems which result in headache and flu like symptoms in mild cases and can be very very serious in bad cases. Honestly, it’s best to avoid this at all costs. Believe me I know…

Oxidative intestinal cleanses:
Oxy T
Magnesium oxide

These are oxidative detox supplements. This means that the intestinal waste is attacked with oxygen. Imagine an alka seltzer bubbling in a glass of water. This is what happens internally and the intestinal walls are de-brided with oxygen and water.
First time I did this I literally lost 7lb in weight. Within a week.
Note it’s prudent to top up friendly bacteria at all times but especially after an oxidative cleanse as the friendlies can be flushed away.

Cellular Detox

This is where we focus on stripping the cells of accumulated waste that has spread over from blockages in other areas. Say the liver is functioning at 60%. The kidneys are similar and add into the equation some low nutrient and dehydrated blood cells. That can’t grab much oxygen or nutrients. Either it’s not there to begin with or because the cell can’t take on much because it’s deficient itself.

These underperforming systems mean that inevitably some of the waste will get sucked into or around the cells. Which can make their proper 100% cellular function impossible. 
So we use supplements that remove at a cellular level via the bloodstream and or lymphatic system to combat the above problem. 

Diluted H202

Please do your own research all these substances can be harmful even in small doses.

For Mms, find Jim Humble’s book and learn learn learn. This in my opinion is the number 1 cellular detox. It’s used commercially to sanitise water. Considering our body is 75%>80% water it’s easy to realise that this will clean our bodies of parasites waste and metals even at a cellular level. It crosses the blood brain barrier so will cleanse the brain as well. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get hold of now. Well since this happened it is…

Dr Stanley Jacob is considered the father of DMSO. Its powerful cleansing action has been known to stop heart attacks and strokes nearly instantly… It also drops meds through the skin to deeper areas of the body.  


A powerful oxidant. Be very careful with anything above 3% as it can seriously burn the skin in higher concentrations. Start internal use via a nebuliser at 1% so mix with distilled water. 

This is also a very effective kung flu remedy.  Will clean from the lungs to the bloodstream to the heart and then to the rest of the body. Again, I would build up very slowly and increase gradually. 

Fulvic acid

In my opinion the absolute complete supplement. It’s nutrition in all minerals needed for cells to make energy, it’s a sponge removing as much as 60x times its own weight. 

It oxygenates the blood it removes parasites and attacks biofilm. It’s got vitamin c probiotics and prebiotics if it’s harvested correctly. 

It’s the most complete single dose solution I’ve ever come across and is drunk mixed with water in tiny amounts of 1/8th of a teaspoon


These attract and remove heavy metals. Serious care must be taken with these as they can move large amounts of metals from one place to another…

The coming upgrade to radio wave radiation means that we should all be detoxing as much metal as possible… Care must be taken if you have mercury fillings.

Please please please research all this for yourself.

Fast Detoxing

Colonic irrigation
A colonic can gently remove large amounts of waste quickly from your colon. Seek a professional for this.

Coffee enema’s
A very effective way of cleansing the lymphatic system and liver. Our liver is the king pin in any detox so should always be supported and cleansed, as often as possible. Of course, you can use other botanicals or nutrients if you rather but these methods are generally slower.

Coffee enemas are well known from the Gerson protocol to very quickly release trapped waste in the colon, the lymph, bloodstream and liver…

Seek a professional for a kambo ceremony. Waste will be pulled from all areas of your body by administering frog poison to burn marks on various points of the body. Users can feel an instant urge to be sick or go to the toilet and a full purge is likely. This is not a fun experience, but the next day you feel brand new. It’s quite amazing.

As mentioned above always top up friendly bacteria with a high-quality product. Symprove is getting rave reviews. These friendly little chaps are our first line of defence against any invader. They also eat up waste and help in the early-stage production of serotonin. This is known as the happy hormone… People suffering with depression are likely to be deficient in serotonin.

Cellular Nutrition 

Pink salt sole

Your body’s cells need minerals to be able to perform. Pink salt sole delivers most of the minerals needed. Is easy to access and very cheap.

Get a glass container with no metal or rubber. Add some pink salt and top up with distilled water. Shake the mixture vigorously and leave to settle.

Keep adding pink salt until there is salt residue left on the bottom of the glass jar. This shows that the water is full of salt and is now what’s called pink salt sole or a saline solution.

Start with a drop or two and slowly build up and do self-kinesiology to test how much is good for you.

So, to very briefly recap, if we can cleanse our cells and deliver the nutrition that we need to them all. Then we can more than likely expect good health..

You might have noticed the metaphor above?

“Watch the pennies and the pounds will watch themselves”

It means watch the cells and the health will watch itself.

Always consult a professional, research for yourself or/and learn self-kinesiology before you enter any new protocol.

To yours and all of our good health…


About the Author:

I never wanted to be a health activist but the pharmaceutical companies made me. My passion is cheap easily available medicines, that big pharma doesn't want us to have. My purpose is to help others and make a difference... Namaste