Are you
too sensitive?

Are you a Hypersensitive Activist?

From many points of view in today’s world being ‘Hypersensitive’ is seen as a hindrance… But could it be your superpower?

Our western society is filled with extreme stimuli which require our attention, if even for a moment. The attention we end up ‘giving out’ has a way of being ‘received’ in turn by our senses.

How we react or respond to what we are experiencing varies person to person. The majority of people in today’s world operate from what I like to call a ‘mid-range’ capacity of expression, which means their overall responses are kept fairly neutral.

Overt expression, deep feelings, sudden reactions, high scale responses are all kept supressed and tucked away in an internal box which our western culture likes to fit them into. This means that deep down we ALL have a sensitive nature because being sensitive is being a living, breathing human!

Could being a sensitive activist be your superpower?

Therefore, if you are the type of person who has either been deemed Hypersensitive by your friends, family, or people you have met, the likelihood is that you are sensitive and because of the way our world is, that sensitivity has been taken to new heights by the lack of emotional / physical / psychological expression.

The question is, as a hypersensitive person, are you a suitable activist?

The answer – absolutely. Being an activist is about: standing up for what you perceive to be a correct, vital expression of justice, unity, the dismantling of non-unifying mandates and the output of unequal measures.

As human beings we are each of us coming from our own perspective and vantage point, however there is also the truth that we stand as ONE collective, therefore deep down we know, inherently, what is ‘RIGHT’ and one of the biggest superpowers we have as humans is our ability to feel, to tap into our sensitivity in a way which catapults harmonious, constructive truths which serve the collective, out into the world.

What’s the first step – Recognising, Honouring, and expressing our hypersensitivity as something which can be used FOR healing and co-creative living.

The next step – our hypersensitive or sensitive channel is a building block for change in this world, especially when we are coming from a place of awareness rather than projecting our past into our future.

This involves finding the centre within our (hyper)sensitivity. When we are grounded in our reactions, when we start collecting ourselves from a space of empathy, when we are clear in our perceptions then we are in activist mode regardless of whether we identify ourselves as being an activist or not.


About the Author:

Dilara is an intuitive empath, animal healer and advocate for deep healing and spiritual connection.