Top 6
Influence Factors

The top 6 methods of manipulation used by the media

⁣We are subjected to relentless brainwashing and manipulation by the media, but what are the influence tactics that are being used?

How easy is it to manipulate what people think?

Is it possible to shape what people believe?

Could we possibly be influenced to take certain actions?

Can our emotions intentionally be triggered or used against us?

Check out this interview with David Charalambous from the organisation Reaching People. David is an expert in NLP, the art of negotiation and tools of persuasion and he is dedicated to helping us better reach people with our messages and also understand the tools that have been used to manipulate us. In this interview we explore the core influence factors that we are subjected to in order to help us spot when we are being manipulated and also for activists with integrity to utilise some of these tools to help deliver our messages and better reach people.

The top 6 methods of manipulation used by the media

The 6 influence factors we explore

1) Mindspace document – 9 elements to influence people

2) 7 Laws of Influence – Body of work from which the Behavioural Insights Team were borne out of

3) NLP – Knowledge of subjective experience

4) Language Patterns – Two models of language relating to  perception and how to interact with it, Meta and Milton Models

5) 5 Rules of Propaganda

6) Misc – Collection of other techniques to alter perception that can be used to help or mislead people

Let’s dig deeper

So much truth spoken in jest

Short comedy sketch of a Prime Minister demonstrating how easily people’s perception can be manipulated through choice of language and questions

Summary of Mindspace Document

The UK gov uses Behavioural Economics to influence people’s behaviour. This is largely unknown by the public, this document informs people of a summary of the 9 elements used within gov to influence their behaviour.

Learn the NLP Meta Model

The Meta Model is the most powerful linguistic tool that is available to mankind. It gives you the power to challenge everything for the truth.

The 5 Rules of Propaganda in summary

More From The Behavioral Science Guys

The 4 Ways You’re Being Manipulated (and How to Stop It).

Ever wonder why really good people get manipulated into doing horrible things? More importantly, how can you make yourself immune to that manipulation?

Dive Deeper

If you want to dive deeper into this subject and learn more about what it takes to successfully navigate the journey of helping others to awaken, check out the rest of the content on David’s website Reaching People.

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