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Activist’s Toolbox is a community platform to help empower activists to change the world through positive and sustainable ways. It was born through my own experience of activism & awakening.

My journey began in 2008 when I watched “The Wakeup Call Remastered”. It shook me awake as I discovered how the beautiful people of the world have been fooled, ruled, manipulated and controlled since records began. The grips of this control system are getting tighter as we are led closer towards George Orwell’s 1984.

It wasn’t long after this awakening that my evenings consisted of relentless digging and researching to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. It soon became so easy to see what was going on; it was all around us, in all areas of our lives. Eyes once opened could not be closed again. I had to do something!

This is when my journey began as a full-on activist, going to protests sporting my V mask, relentlessly sharing on social media and hosting film nights to share information with friends. It was at this point I began to notice how many activists were so passionate about their cause, that they ended up coming across as aggressive towards others who did not share their views or see what they see.

I recognised this in myself too… As a passionate and frustrated activist, desperately trying to open people’s eyes to the injustices in the world but receiving painful opposition from those who just weren’t ready to see. I realised that when this passion is channelled into aggression, it reinforces the aggressive stereotype around activism and inevitably turns people off from ever listening to messages from an activist again.

Sadly, despite having this realisation, I was not strong enough in my being to stand strong, calm and centred in the midst of such opposition from people I cared about. I was still operating from a place of “wounded child”, taking everything personally. It’s painful when you are just trying to help.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website dedicated to helping activists deliver their message effectively, I thought?

Soon after I hit Activist burnout. I was done! I decided I was going to sell all my shit and go travelling… What ensued was the most incredible voyage that led me through a very deep and profound spiritual journey, involving countless amounts of inner work, soul-searching and healing. I am not going to say I came out of this a fully empowered man, but I was more in my power than I ever knew was possible.

Returning to the UK after a few years in the sun, activism came back into my life, but this time I was armed with more stillness, more compassion and understanding. By this time however, I was seeing a huge increase in censorship of awakening information, an increase in division and an increase in distractions; meaning we as activists need to find new ways to effectively reach the masses with our awakening messages and hone in our abilities to be effective at what we do.

It is time to for us to step up. This is why platforms like Activists Toolbox must exist. To arm the activists of the world and awaken the dormant activist within those who have yet to realise their spark for getting involved in creating positive change. If we wish to help bring forth a new paradigm, we as activists also need to embrace love and spirituality in all that we do.


Bernard Alvarez

Activists Toolbox is here to provide material that is inspiring and effective. It is here to inspire people to take action and awaken their passion for getting involved and uniting with the rest of humanity. It is here to encourage thought provoking over defensiveness and ego feeding. It is here to deliver the message that people are so much more powerful than they can possibly imagine and that just one person can indeed make a huge difference.

I believe that passion is highly contagious and when this level of incredible passion is channelled correctly and activists learn how to get people to relate to them, then they will have the potential to open the minds of every single person they know and every single person they meet, even if just a little bit.

By coming together fearlessly in love and compassion, we will change the world to make it a better place. 





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