Reasons To Attend
A Protest

Does Protesting Make A Difference?

When people think of activism, protests are often the first thing which come to mind.

Protesting and speaking out is a God given human right that we must never allow to be taken away from us. Protests have been a form of activism for centuries. Nowadays, with tyranny creeping closer, we need to act and do something, and protests are an easy and rewarding form of activism which can make an impact in a variety of ways.

Top 6 Reasons To Attend A Protest

What is the point of attending protests?

Many people argue that going to protests is pointless and doesn’t do anything. The recent protests standing up against vaccine passports etc. haven’t had as much as a whisper from the mainstream media (MSM). Week after week protesters are either ignored or ridiculed- with police/agents often causing a scene purposefully at some point when the numbers die down so that we can be painted as violent tin-foil hat wearing anti-vax lunatics.

If you have been following these recent protests you may have seen that at a protest where over a million people were in attendance, the MSM said that “350 anti-vaxers” marched through London. With these protests making no difference to legislation, it can seem that they are a total waste of time, but this isn’t the case.

While attending protests may not make the government change policies or retract acts and rules which breach human rights, protests are helpful for a multitude of reasons.

Here are some reasons why protests do in fact make a difference:


Protests bring a large number of people together who are fighting for the same cause. The collective energy of so many people coming together for truth and justice doesn’t go unnoticed, perhaps unnoticed by government officials, but not by the collective consciousness of this world and the highest loving powers (aka Source or God) of this universe.

When so many people come together and stand united, connected, and in truth, love radiates and multiplies. This positive loving energy doesn’t dissolve, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred. Instead, it dissipates through the earth and to everyone around.

In a time where many are suffering, love becomes even more vital, and for the most part, protests are peaceful and extremely loving. Collective manifestation of love is incredibly powerful.

After going to a protest I often feel exhilarated, full of energy and love. I don’t want it to end as I feel so connected and powerful when I am united with everyone around me all seeking the same thing as I am. Protests make us realise our individual and collective power, as we are united. They want us divided. Being united is an act of rebellion itself! Protests can make us feel like we truly have a part in something amazing that is greater than ourselves. The love felt at these protests lights up my soul and this transfers into many aspects of my life which creates more positive change!


Protests keep people’s hopes and spirits up. As activists and people trying to make this world a better place, we often feel the weight of this world more than others. We have awareness of the monstrosities going on and it can hurt and frustrate us. We so badly want to change the evil that exists and make a better world but the pain created by this awareness of suffering can make us lose our power and hope. This is what the “powers that be” want. They want us to stop trying. WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP! Many of us have families who aren’t supportive of our views and it can be hard to find friends who truly understand us.

Joining these marches gives us HOPE! We remember we are not alone. We remember, UNITED WE STAND, divided we fall. We aren’t just silly paranoid conspiracy theorists. We have valid concerns and we know that change must occur and therefore we need to stand up.

Protests always make me feel hopeful. Hope keeps us fighting. It stops us from giving up and thinking “What’s the point? I am too small a fish in the sea.” Seeing so many people united reminds us to keep going and trying which can only end up making a positive impact.


Some of the most incredible people I have met and become good friends with, started off as strangers at protests. When at a march, it is almost inevitable that you’re going to start chatting away with someone you don’t know.

If you are new to protesting or you only stick with a couple of old friends, I suggest that you to try to speak to people who you’ve never met- even try to go to a protest alone so you are forced to make new connections. It can be scary at first, but it is super rewarding!

Speak to someone whose energy feels loving to you, speak to someone whose outfit is cool, speak to someone who is saying something which resonates, speak to someone who has an interesting sign/banner etc. You will meet people who you genuinely get on with and can make truly beautiful friendships. If you are new to this movement or don’t have many people around you who understand you, it is even more important to connect at protests.

Connecting with likeminded people is uplifting and helps us feel understood which we all want to feel. Again, connection even on a smaller scale than collective unity, is rooted in love. The micro and the macro- all connected. Collective unity and individual connections with your own friends, all make a difference. You won’t resonate with everyone at a protest or in the truth movement so it is important to find your people. Protests can help with this.


Had I not started going to protests I would not be writing this. This is just one example of my personal story of how attending protests lead to new connections which inspired more activism. As individuals we all form our own unique friendships and smaller communities. Different activists are doing different things to help so going to protests and making friends/meeting new people in this movement can lead you to join new groups, projects, communities etc. We’re all individually connected to different people, and we all have different knowledge. When we connect with someone new we can be introduced to many new things and/or new information. This can lead to more activism!

For example a group within a big protest wasn’t satisfied with what these protests were achieving- no media coverage and no change in policy- so they went to important media buildings to make sure there was coverage and that they were listened to etc. If it wasn’t for people connecting at protests, this wouldn’t have happened. Protests are also a great opportunity to leaflet and spread more truth or share info about different events.


Protests can be a great form of outreach to local communities and can awaken more people. By marching through different communities, you are certainly going to come across many people just trying to get along with their day.

Speaking to these people who aren’t part of the march can plant some important seeds. This community outreach is an important part of protests. Protests aren’t here just for us to gather and have fun. We have work to do, people to awaken. Joining protests which march through local communities is probably more effective and important than marching through central London, despite both making an impact in a different way.


Finally, protests show the nutjobs in control how many people aren’t willing to consent, and how many people aren’t going to take their sh*t anymore. Some people may say that the cabal are happy for people to protest, it also helps them to count numbers and see how many people they have to deal with who oppose their rules and agendas. While this may be true, the more of us that show up at protests, the more we stand up and vocalise that we do not consent.

Vocalising that you do not consent is important because it means you are standing in your power and sovereignty. This is the opposite of what the cabal wants. The more people that attend protests, the more effective they tend to be. We also get to see how many people aren’t complying with our own eyes and hear for ourselves, how many voices are standing for the truth. We must show the elites that we will stand up no matter what and we won’t stop fighting… They want us to live in fear… The more we gather en mass, the more we shift the fear over to them.


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