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Join in the fun with the Rebels on Roundabouts

Here is a movement that has absolutely exploded! But who are the Rebels on Roundabouts?

Here’s what they have to say:

We are an independent FREEDOM COLLECTIVE united in our conclusion that the Global Covid Event is not what we were told. It is our mission to share the TRUTH and INFORM THE PUBLIC that their freedom and safety are in jeopardy.

Whether SARS-CoV 2 or Covid-19 were natural or created they have been ruthlessly exploited by a Global Elite and Media to in-still FEAR, CONFUSION and CONTROL. Freedom, wealth and independence are being taken from people and nations alike.

Join in the Rebels on Roundabouts

Marching with millions of like minds around London has been fun but the media still ignore us. So we originally decided to take our message directly to the public on our local major roundabout to see if the public really believed the Covid hype and PROPAGANDA and guess what?…

Thousands of motorists overwhelmed us with support, tooting their horns and waving. Drivers pulled over to join us saying they thought they were “just a lone voice”. Very soon people were setting up their own independent activity on Roundabouts and roadsides around the UK and the world, as far away as New Zealand. They also provide a truth and perspective which disappeared from mainstream News in 2020.

Why not borrow the idea for yourselves and have some fun with diverse like-minded people in your area to make a real difference?

Check out this video channel for some videos of the rebels in action.


Firstly, connect with new friends by searching for your location name within our Telegram group chat. Make direct message contacts and form independent local online groups to meet, chat and plan – you’ll feel so much better for fighting the official mis-information!

See if there is there already an active ROR group operating in your area that you can join or consider setting up a local Rebels on Roundabout just for yourselves.

If you start your own, share info, pictures and videos on our main group when new and regular events take place – thank you! We are not alone and our numbers grow daily!

What worked best for us?

Setting up is really very easy! All you need are a few freedom loving friends and hand-written signs until you can afford some nice printed ones. Ideally keep the slogans, brief, bold and on point. If you want to take responsibility and organise your own local events here’s what worked best so far…

The Message

Remember drivers may only have 2 seconds to read a sign – less is more. Lots of different topics have been covered but the risky Kids Jabs and Vaccine Passports are our focus in Autumn 2021.

Starter Pack

If you want a starter-pack we’ve developed a core of 8 Yellow Placards (2fx2ft) with a great value Printer. We’re more than happy to let them sell sets of these designs directly to any groups around the country – it’s your private transaction and obviously we don’t profit.


Terry: 07779 618381 / 0161 628 6288

Info provided by Steve, Co-founder of Rebels on Roundabouts.

Rebels on roundabouts website


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Jamie is a on a mission to do whatever he can to help change the world for the better. He's here to provide tools of empowerment and be a worldbridger between activism and grounded spirituality.