Faraday Cage for Wi-Fi Routers. Reduces RF Radiation by +90% Performs as normal

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Love Technologies Wi-Fi Router Faraday Cages

5 sided cages designed to reduce wireless RF microwave radiation as much as possible without affecting function.

Custom made to fit snugly over your specific make and model of Wi-Fi router.

All designs allow access for wiring.

Made from high quality stainless steel mesh of specific mesh size, enables good airflow, do not try other products made from shielding fabric as they make the router overheat.... we have tried!

Tried and tested to reduce RF wireless microwave radiation by over 90%.
In our test we had a laptop streaming a YouTube video wirelessly from the router, after fitting the cage there was no difference in streaming quality or wi-fi reception from the laptop, this confirms that the signal strength emitted from a Wi-Fi router is very much over the levels required to operate efficiently.

We are having very few customers wanting to return their cage to us claiming they do not work, when we look into this we discover that they are testing the cages with cheap EMF meters purchased from Amazon, these meters do not even measure the correct type of EMF, RF (radio frequency). They are measuring an electric field which is not an issue with a wi-fi router, if you would like to reduce the electric field (pointless unless you are extremely close to the router) then the cage would require grounding, (an earth lead).

Please rest assured that this product has been designed and developed by an EMF radiation specialist from the result of conducting home radiation assessments in our customers homes over the last 8 years.

Love Technologies are an established and respected company with a very good reputation to keep.

The cages are not mass produced in China but carefully hand crafted in the UK from home by fully trained staff who had lost their jobs through current circumstances.

If you would like to test our cages please be sure you are measuring the correct frequency (RF/Microwave) or request a link to the full test video.

Microwave radiation harms the immune system.
Modern Wi-Fi routers now operate on dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and have multiple internal antennas! Wi-fi 6/ Wi-gig routers especially harmful.

Sitting too close to your wi-fi router is dangerous. Ensure you are safe from Microwave radiation by fitting one of our cages.


Q: Will I still be able to connect to my router from another room and up-stairs?
Yes, you will still be able to connect from a distant room and up-stairs.
In our testing we have had 2 laptops both streaming you-tube videos and a TV connected simultaneously to the same router from seperate up-stairs rooms from the router with no issues.

The only problems we have encountered are from customers who live in cottage style houses with thick stone walls. In these cases the signal is already struggling to penetrate the thick walls and so caging the router would result in lost signal in distant rooms. In this case the cage can be removed and replaced when working in the same room.

Q: The one side of the cage is left open or is it missing a cover?
No, there is nothing missing, the cages have 5 sides and are more like a sleeve, if the cages had 6 sides and fully enclosed they would block too much signal to function, for some designs the open back also allows for wiring to enter.

Q: I can't see my model router, what do i do?
Don't panic! Drop us a message to shop@activiststoolbox.com and let's explore if we can provide a solution for your router and we will add it to our listing for you to purchase when you're ready.

If you would like to send us sizes/dimensions, please measure in mm and take accurate measurements of the router without adding for fit, we will do this during manufacture.

Q: How long after I place my order will I receive my cage?
We pride ourselves in a fast service. We have an efficient manufacturing team and can usually make and dispatch your order the same day.

We send everything Royal mail First Class with most customers receiving their order the next day.

Q: My router has external antennas, can it still be caged?
Yes, we cage the main body of the router, then make tubes out of the same material to pop over the antennas, the tubes can be easily removed if need be.

Q: Is my Wi-Fi router really damaging my health?
In short, yes. Some will argue that non-ionising radiation is not strong enough to cause harm but this is not the case and has even been proven by 5 year olds with their classroom cress growing experiments.

If you are around wireless microwave radiation the signal is passing through your body. The body will produce adrenaline (fight or flight) and cortisol (a stress hormone) as an immune response. The signal also effects the ability to enter relaxed brainstates, alpha and delta, causing irritability, brainfog and fatigue. In severe cases and high levels of exposure can cause much more serious health problems.

We are also seeing an increase in cancer tumours in dogs and cats, as some people have their router on the floor with pets getting too close.

Q: Do you make faraday cages for anything else?
Yes, we manufacture cages to cover any tech that emit wireless RF/Microwave radiation such as smart meters, TV boxes, games consoles, wireless heating and security systems. Drop us an email for a quote.

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