Ethernet Adapter - To Utilise Hard Wired Internet Without WiFi

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Lenovo Branded USBc - Ethernet Adapter

For those who want to switch off the WiFi capability of their device and solely use an available Ethernet connection.

Reduce EMF and Secure Yourself Against insecure WiFi Networks

This clever but simple adapter plugs into the charging port of your device and allows you to use an Ethernet cable to provide hard-wired internet.

• Ideal for people 'On the Go' in hotels/airports etc
• Reduces your phone's WiFi emissions
• Narrows your 'attack vector' by eliminating WiFi based hacking
• Offers you faster, direct internet access versus WiFi only


• Connector A - USB-C
• Connector B - Ethernet (RJ-45) Female
• LEDs on RJ45 connector to indicate activity and link status.
• Unpacked Weight: 24g
• Length: 10cm

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