“I always used to think somebody should do something about what’s going on… Then I realised I am somebody!”

Being an activist doesn’t mean you have to hit the streets armed with signs and megaphones, there are hundreds of ways to be an activist. You can be fearlessly on the front line, getting stuck into action with setting caged animals free, or you can do something a little less intimidating like planting trees and spreading thought provoking messages with stickers.

Take a look at the below list and see what inspires you. The list can be filtered by intensity.

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The Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Important To Buy From Local Businesses

How important is it to buy local businesses? And why should you? Here are the 10 top reasons why we should all be buying local as often as we can!
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A Guide to Foraging

Enjoy this PDF guide to foraging from Wild Food School that you can take with you whenever you are in nature to identify what is edible and what it can be used for.
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5 Reasons to Volunteer at Animal Sanctuaries

Easily one of the most rewarding forms of activism. Sanctuaries are in constant need of help and volunteers, as it takes a lot of effort and resources to constantly provide for these animals at the necessary highest standards.
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