Letter Templates

Letter Templates for Covid-19 related issues

Here are a select few letter templates that can assist with testing, vaccine requirements, mask mandates and more

Covid-19 Letter Templates

Medical Treatment Refused

Been refused  medical treatment without having a Covid-19 test?

This is a template for a preliminary “Letter before Action” to help if you have been refused access to any type of medical treatment without taking a Covid-19 test.

This template letter, with relevant legal and ethical facts referenced, can be edited and personalised to help you state your case to the medical staff involved.

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Refused medical treatment without jab

Here is a letter template you can use for anyone who has been refused medical treatment or operations without having a Covid-19 Vaccine.

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Declining vaccines in school

Letter template for parents to decline Covid-19 Vaccinations in school

Here are 2 templates for parents to use to help parents withdraw their consent to any offer of Covid-19vaccines for their child at school and to challenge any claim that their child has Gillick Competence to consent themselves.

The first template is for the parent only. The second template gives space for the child to sign and record their own withdrawal of consent alongside their parents.

These letters are a guide to important and useful medical and legal points. They do not need to be used in full, and will need to be edited and personalised as appropriate.

Template 1
Template 2

Declining testing in school

Letter template for parents to decline Covid-19 Testing in schools

Parental consent is still needed, just like with any medical intervention. Consent has published a template letter for parents wishing to decline.

Mass testing is not supported by evidence and not recommended by the World Health Organisation, the UK’s national screening committee, MHRA or SAGE

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Opposing masks in school

Challenge schools insisting on students wearing masks

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Templates for Employees

Letter templates for employees to send to employers

If your boss is looking to enforce mandatory face masks, Covid tests or jabs, here are some templates for you:

Mandatory Testing
Mandatory Masks
Mandatory Jabs

With thanks to the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, Lawyers For Liberty and Consent Charity for these incredible templates!

Please do support these guys and check out their websites.


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