Browsing the internet anonymously

When you access the internet without encryption, all of the information you send can be read and inspected in real time.

When you access the internet without encryption, all of the information you send can be read and inspected in real time. The first thing to do is to start using a VPN. There are many VPNs available, but most of them leak your metadata.

So, which VPN should you use?

It’s easy to assume that the most recommended VPN’s online are the best ones to go for… But we need to understand that most VPN companies offer affiliate commissions to incentivise influencers and bloggers to recommend their products… Which is exactly why the VPN provider we recommend doesn’t offer an affiliate commission program.

Browsing the internet anonymously

So, which is the best VPN to use for activists?

The most secure VPN that I’ve vetted is Mullvad VPN, base in Sweden. You can read about Mullvad on their Mullvad website.

One of the key reasons Mullvad is the best VPN provider if you wish to be completely anonymous is that you are able to purchase their services anonymously by using anonymous crypto.

Using Mullvad does not require a credit card, as there are payment options in cryptocurrency. Using cryptocurrency such as Monero and converting it into Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin to pay for your service is the most secure manner of purchase. This will ensure that your identity is not attached to your account in any way. If you prefer to use a credit or debit card, that payment option is also available. Note that this payment option is less secure.

When using Mullvad, you are issued a randomly generated 16 digit account number. Keep this account number handy. You will need to enter it on each device that you install the Mullvad app on.

Which Browser To Use

After installing your VPN, the next action item to consider is your internet browser.

There are browsers you can use that offer a superior level of security and anonymity than the usual browsers, such as:

Brave and Tor Browser

These are great for now, however, they will not provide you complete anonymity if you’re using Windows or Apple. As we discussed in this article about Hardware and Operating System Security, if you want to be truly anonymous on your PC, you should make the jump to Linux.

Sounds like an overwhelming task moving from what you’ve known all your life to an entirely new operating system that you know little about doesn’t it? In this article we discuss the process of moving to Linux and what it will be like to be a Linux user. If you’re serious about security and disconnecting from the clutch of the big corporations, it’s worth jumping ship.

Once you are a Linux user, I recommend using the LibreWolf browser. LibreWolf is a “fork” of Firefox. It has been configured by the developers to remove many of the privacy compromising features of Firefox, such as HTML5 browser fingerprinting, which makes you uniquely identifiable simply from using the browser. When installing LibreWolf, I like to use the Flatpak installation method. Installation instructions can be found here.

After installing LibreWolf, I recommend installing the “Decentraleyes” add-on. Decentraleyes stops a surveillance tactic known as content delivery network scraping (CDN Scraping). Read about Decentraleyes.

Written by: 5u3ht3m0rp

This information was provided by 5u3ht3m0rp, an anonymous expert in cyber security who is dedicated to providing activists the tools they need to remain anonymous and untraceable.


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