You are not a person, you have a person… What does this mean?

When we are born, our parents naively register us as they believe it’s what they have to do. They then receive a birth certificate for us… Little do they realise that what they have just done is create a fictional version of their child known as a strawman and then hand them over to a system where they will be controllable and liable for fines and taxes.

The legal system applies to your strawman… Not you as a sovereign human being. This is not the same as law… Common law, which essentially is “do no harm”.

Check out this rather excellent and entertaining animation from infomatic films that provides an overview summary of who your strawman is and what it means.

Meet Your Strawman

If you would like to dig deeper into your strawman, check out the below downloadable PDF that goes into huge detail about your strawman, including some knowledge that many have found highly empowering.

Download PDF

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It is entirely up to you to do your research and utilise any information and advice here at your own risk. Keep in mind, some people have had some great success using their knowledge of common law and their strawman, but some have also ended up in less than desirable situations by acting without enough knowledge on this subject.

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